Malva Verticillata 100%

Malva Slim ® respects the terms and conditions from the charter of organic products.

Malva verticillata works by removing toxins and waste products from the body. It acts on the digestive system by eliminating waste products and facilitating the removal of body toxins. It works by flushing the excess water and fat by reducing the sensation of tension, bloating and unwanted pounds. Malva Verticillata when infused, detoxifies the body, and fights against constipation. The tea Mallow has been chosen by many users which were disappointed by conventional treatment of constipation and weight loss. They have found that Malva Verticillata is the most effective solution on the market.

Ingredient : 100% Malva Verticillata. No sugar or artificial ingredients.
Malva Slim ® is made from a fully " Patented and Protected Plant Variety". Malva Verticillata seeds are 100% untreated by any chemicals or any foreign additive.

According to our charter of quality and ethics, Malva Slim ® is made from carefully selected leaves, without additives and not from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).
Malva Slim ® should be combined with a balanced diet and cannot be used as a main energy source.